ADV communication

The new enrolments campaign for ITA and ISSRA's courses addresses all the possible future students in a particular context: the first academic year after the lockdown. We identified four categories, each one characterized by its own expectations, interests and motivations and we developed a content path pointing out a reading key in the personal and spiritual dimension, as well as in the understanding of our day and age.
The payoff "Riparto per..." ("I start again to...") was then conjugated with four verbs representing four possible reasons to choose the institute: I start again to Teach (for those who will be trained to become Catholic Religion teachers); I start again to Understand ( for those who love studying philosophy and theology, also alternating them with other university studies); I start again to Search (for those who are in search of a personal faith or of a different approach to work and other contemporary challenges); I start again to Answer (for those who choose ITA to answer God's call and, at the same time, to give themselves answers to the community).