Branding and corporate identity
Chic Cina

Chic Investment is a Shanghai-based company that for over 15 years has been promoting investments and landing projects for European and Italian companies interested in expanding their business in the Chinese market. The key is multiculturalism and the advantages that can come from bringing together roots that are so different, but with great common values. Under the guidance of its CEO, Helen Tu, with offices in both Italy and China, Chic promotes large urban development projects in the country's major cities such as Shanghai, Bejing, Nanjing, Chongqing and Xi'an as a possible location for investment and expansion. Within these, it defines the ideal ecosystems for the possible landing of Western companies, granting the chance to develop networks and institutional relations in order to speed up the process of growth and settlement in the country.

For over 15 years, Bcpt has been providing consultancy and art direction for the content and brand design of projects developed by Chic, in order to properly present their advantages to the Italian and European markets. In 2021, however, we took charge of the company's new brand system to bring its identity to a more contemporary and authoritative international level. In particular, Chic is now a brand that acts as a holding company for many sub-companies owned that deal with specific areas such as culture, tourism, entertainment, talent, food culture and fashion. The need was therefore to ensure a more corporate positioning for a brand that will increasingly distance itself from consultancy and services and will be increasingly linked to the world of finance and development.