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In 2021 Assiteca presents its new national and international brand. BCPT develops the brand system project starting from the analysis of a setting in which Assiteca stands as the main Italian group for business and insurance broker risk management. The objective is to broaden the audience for its messages and services. The theme of safety interprets in many ways the need to develop sustainable business systems. From environmental to financial or digital safety, today the Assiteca brand addresses an audience that needs to immediately recognize an organization that can read rapidly changing scenarios, that's highly dynamic and able to talk to different and highly specialized actors.

That's why an essential quality of the project had to be the remarkable semantic power of a sign: visual strength. Recognizability in every dimension and support, static or dynamic; Synthesis. Reading immediacy compared to today's visual hyper-competition, through the design of a sign that could be immediately memorized; Difference. Distinction in the complex ecosystem of the sector's identities, transmitting the difference of a unique working method; Sustainability. Attention to the man and his living environment, the "humanistic" aspect of the adopted design originates from this fundamental basis. That's how the new A of Assiteca was born, a dynamic and modal sign, able to evolve in its background and subjectivity, adaptable to the many contexts in which the company's services are applied.

The 2022 Assiteca calendar focuses on sustainability and respect for the planet. A story we wrote and illustrated by imagining and designing twelve "Arks", metaphors to twelve ideas of salvation: some made of nature, others of culture, design and art. Twelve little universes, infinite but compact, able to host us until we reach a different and better idea of future.