Branding and WebsiteFairheat2022

FairHeat is a company of young engineers, researchers and analysts that – thanks to their multidisciplinary approach- is redefining the paradigms in energy management systems for buildings and residential centers in the UK.Our challenge is to translate their ability to plan a better future into an Identity System.The labyrinth becomes the visual metaphor of the new FairHeat Brand Identity. The labyrinth as a tool of knowledge, as a discovery journey in search of something unexpected.

A growth path during which FH supports and guides its partners towards effective solutions by simplifying design complexities.A dynamic system that makes an ancestral symbol the key to interpret the complex scenarios linked to the decarbonisation of heat networks in large and small urban agglomerations.Iconographic systems, infographics, data visualization and illustrations have been designed in perfect coherence with the linear matrices of the labyrinths. We’d like to thank the entire FairHeat team for enthusiastically sharing this busy year of work.