Branding, corporate identity, brochuresITA/ISSRA2019-current

We developed the rebranding and new visual identity of ITA and ISSRA (Theological Institute and Superior Institute of Religious Sciences of Assisi), by repositioning the image and communication of the two institutes' courses as contexts into which approaching the study of a new humanism, giving the right visibility to their complex and customizable study programs.

The logo design was inspired by the Uncial and Carolingian calligraphy, analyzing some of Assisi's most important historical documents. We then merged the calligraphic construction of the single letters (recognizable from the endings and the contrasts due to the inclination of the nib) with the more contemporary tracts of a sans-serif font. Our research focused on the analysis of the visual and iconographic heritage of the two institutes, designing a new visual identity with a language that combines elements of their legacy with the visual and linguistical modernity, for a highly contemporary result.