Design WeekFerreroLegno Brera2023


How many places can a door lead us to?This was the starting point of 2022’s Design Week, guiding the creation of Archispace FerrerroLegno and introducing Doorway to future. The brand asked us to work on an evolution of this project that would make people’s wellbeing tactile, acoustic and visual. The heart of the conceptual vessel had to draw the attention of home designers, in a dialogue on green technologies and organic design, the language through which the brand decodes changes.


We wanted to create a sensory literature describing the company’s wish to guide people towards more mindful choices, in a deeper and deeper complexity, also involving the designers of living spaces in the experiential world of Archispace, through the exploration of some urgent themes. We have investigated the often imperceptible relationship between micro and macro cosmos and the one with all the ecosystems we live in.


To make the Doorways evolve, we shifted our work’s perspective from a generic future –addressed in the 2022’s discovery path- to the one of every single person; this brought us to search for expressive ways to represent the micro and macro cosmos, as human beings within the Universe, but also as areas of living: territory, matter, design. We wanted to communicate the sustainability of an organic paint through an imaginative vision of nature that everyone could freely interpret. The sound experimentation originated by shifting the music from a panoramic form –i.e., macro- to a micro dimension, a sound maternity, represented by acoustic signals.


This is the metaphor of a journey from micro to macro cosmos, made possible by the Doorways, the sound installation guiding the experience within an imaginative representation of natural ecosystems, through altered colors and shapes. With this tool, design investigates and decodes complexity, becoming organic and welcoming the relationship between humans and the environment, within sophisticated products, aimed at people’s wellbeing.We’ll be making this journey with Giorgio Vacchiano -researcher and lecturer of Forest Management and Planning at the University of Milan- to analyze the impact of climate change on trees and forests and how to safeguard them in order to keep them supporting our lives. The sound experience develops through micro-sounds, signals perceived in domestic environments, natural contexts and sustainable technologies, in a sort of sound lung regenerating and expanding like a breath.

Design by bcpt, Interaction development by QZR