Design WeekFerreroLegno Brera2024


FerreroLegno Brera, the concept space we designed 3 years ago for the famous door producer, shows its colors in 2024!

Like every year since 2021, the space of FerreroLegno Brera interprets a theme leading its guests’ visits during the Design Week. This year’s protagonist is color. In the philosophy of the brand awareness strategies, the door becomes a tool of space modulation and semantics. First for its engineering and technology, then for the level of wellbeing it can produce and, lastly, from today, also for the force of color as a code to enhance the personality of a living space. The update of the company’s production lines –based in Piedmont – will in fact allow the application of the entire NCS palette and, therefore, interpret the needs of an audience that’s more and more interested in the possibility of giving a strong personality to their spaces.

Our studio has then designed a path of research and project giving substance to this new opportunity. The visual system was inspired by some great names that – in the past as well as more recently – have linked their jobs as artists and educators to color, e.g. Joseph Albers, Sol Lewitt, Olafur Eliasson and Giulio Raimondo.The graphic system we designed is based on the application of color to space.

We designed both static and dynamic impossible solids as a metaphor for a symbolic space where color itself –always between real and unreal- gives us the perception of three-dimensionality and of the relationship between shadow and light. Color then passes from the unreal to the real in the application of the concept space and its architectures. The same chromatic palettes presented in the visual system are applied to the pairings presented inside the exhibition area, highlighting the relationship between the door and its context.