Design WeekFerreroLegno Brera2022

How many places can a door lead us to?For the 2022 Design Week we are particularly glad to introduce FerreroLegno Brera, the new concept space BCPT has designed for the famous Italian brand. A leading door production company, Ferrero Legno is based in the Langhe region, Piedmont and is now opening an important space in the heart of Milan, dedicated to the relationship with international and corporate markets. BCPT has designed the spin-off brand for the milanese space and conceived the key experience-event inaugurating the location.Doorway to is the story-line we imagined to launch this new urban venue, in order to explain the company values on which FerreroLegno's productive philosophy is based today.

The Doorways are essentially micro-architectures placed in the physical space, through which accessing the most reserved area of the showroom. Using an AR application, they can also provide dynamic information about the peculiar values on which each product's creative process is based.We also turned the three architectural volumes into a site specific sound installation. Each single Doorway resonates indipendently, contributing to create a unique soundscape perceived by passing through the doors.For anyone curious to learn more, we'll be attending the milanese design event.

Design by bcpt, Interaction development by QZR