Green TableIn/Arch - ADI2021

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Green Table is a new way to discuss sustainability as a challenge for the future on this planet. We chose to do it using a new space: a round table capable of traveling, 2 hourglasses, 3 guests, 4 questions and answers of 5 minutes each. The exchange ends with a proposal for concrete action to be left as a legacy of the table. Let's take it all back with a spherical camera placed at the center of the discussion: it will offer a 360-degree overview that will be universally shared through our digital platform.

Identity:Bcpt Associati-Art Direction:Marco Tortoioli RicciFrancesco Gubbiotti-Video Hub 360:Nicola PalumboStefano CeccarelliRossella Biagi-Illustration:Francesco gubbiotti-Motion design:Lorenzo Poderini-Audio/Visual:FP Service-Set-up:Totem Group-Stage Manager:Stefano LazzariAlessandro Scalamonti

Promoters:Fondazione Guglielmo GiordanoMedia EventiIn collaboration with:IN/ARCHADI-Advisory board:Luciano Galimberti - ADIFrancesco Miceli - CNNAPCRenzo Bassani - IN/ARCHPaolo Belardi - UNIPGAldo Colonetti - SOSMaurizio De Caro - LABA-Scientific committee:Barbara Argiolas, Paolo Belardi, Antonio Brunori, Barbara Cadeddu, Stefano Casciani, Aldo Colonetti,Aldo Cibic, Maurizio De Caro, Linda Di PietroBeatrice Fumarola ,Francesco Orofino, Giulia Pellegrino, Laura Ragazzola,Ermete Realacci, Marco Tortoioli Ricci, Luca Zevi,Debora Vella.

Green Table allows institutions, citizens and experts to meet even after the end of the event. Choosing sustainable, recycled and recyclable materials, adopting production processes that can reduce energy consumption and waste, implementing alternative urban and territorial models means promoting responsible behaviours.

Fifteen issues, divided into four main topics, addressed around a single green table. Green Table 2021 will focus on urban greenery, health, environment and sociality, residential and occupational spaces, urban redevelopment, smart cities, inland areas, minor cities and rural territories. But there will also be room to talk about sustainable transport, digital services and cultural infrastructures.

Green Table is all about nature, ideas and technology. The forum is open to architects, designers, engineers, academics, students, industry professionals, journalists and bloggers, and all those who are interested in design, architecture, nature, and the environment. It will mix in-person with online events, thanks to an innovative cross-media platform. The panels will be streamed from Perugia and many international cities, such as Milan, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Munich and Shanghai, highly focused on sustainability. Meetings with the speakers will be in-person, whereas the audience’s participation will be decided in accordance with Covid-19 provisions. Users from any corner of the world can register and follow all the events for free.