One ArchitectureListone Giordano2019

One is a new publishing project edited by the brand, Listone Giordano. It began as an in-house publication to become a proper biennial editorial line consisting of three different volumes. The first book, One Architecture (specific for the world of project design and architecture) is developed with the international magazine The Plan. Together with the company, we developed three tools for sales and at the same time for dialogue and a relationship with three worlds, at times far apart, but all equally strategic for the brand's future development.

Concept book:bcpt associati, Perugia-Creative Director:Marco Tortoioli Ricci-Art Director:Francesco Gubbiotti-Publisher:Maggioli S.p.A.-Graphic & Editing:Francesco Bonvicini

Text Editors:Ilaria MazzantiBianca Sanna Bissani-Translators:Stephanie JohnsonAdam Victor-THE PLAN MAGAZINE-Editor in Chief:Carlotta Zucchini-Managing Editor:Nicola Leonardi