One Natural GeniusListone Giordano2020

One Natural GeniusPrint Book2020

The book One - Natural Genius retells the first ten years of the product collection dedicated by the company Listone Giordano brand to the relationship between genius and nature. A decade of experimentation by international engineers and designers, such as Michele De Lucchi and Patricia Urquiola, capable of redefining the geometries of wood flooring.

Editor supervisor:Stefano Casciani - Andrea Margaritelli-Concept book:bcpt associati-Art direction:Marco Tortoioli RicciFrancesco Gubbiotti-Composizione / layout:Gianluca Sandrone-Type design display:Francesco Gubbiotti

Disegni / drawings:Sabina Betti-Designer story:Stefano Casciani-Content:Debora VellaMargaritelli Marketing department-Photography:Amedeo BuhlerFederica BottoliMichele Tortoioli RicciSergio ChimentiStefania GiorgiArchivio fotografico MargaritelliArchivio Fondazione G. Giordano-Stampa / printing:Graphicmasters S.r.l.

Its source of inspiration was the exaggeration of two-dimensionality proposed in the well-known novel by the Reverend Abbott in which squares, circles and triangles become essential components in the construction of ‘Flatland’. More than a font, it is a visual score representing the ongoing conflict between decomposition and recomposition in the work of all designers faced with the challenge, presented by Listone Giordano, of relinquishing the third dimension.