Resonating TreesListone Giordano2018

Resonating TreesVideo and sound design2018

Listone Giordano's new television advert was part of a wider research, focusing on the forest, its management and exploitation. In this case, we developed a storyline and involved the sound artist Federico Ortica, to create a sound installation capable of playing and amplifying the natural vibrations the trees produce. It was produced in the forest of Piegaro (PG) which has been managed sustainably for years by the company Margaritelli.

Concept:bcpt associati, Perugia-Creative director:Marco Tortoioli Ricci-Art direction:Francesco Gubbiotti-Sound installation and Original sound design:Federico Ortica-Video mapping:Andrea Marchi-Production management:Nicola Cappelletti

Video Production:Laboratorio immagine, Modena-Type design:Francesco Gubbiotti, Gianluca Sandrone-Mixing and Mastering:Marco Capaccioni - Sound Studio Service, Città di Castello-Forestry management:Giovanni Testaferri-Forestry consultant:Marco Testadura; Antonio Consoli-Treeclimbing:Alberi Maestri; Assisi