Design actions for the future

Months have passed, intense work and new projects have come, but this should not prevent us from telling one of the projects that best represents what the project of identity is for us. While we are already working on the new September edition, it is useful to go back to what happened in April 2023 and retrace its steps.

Seed stems from the previous experience of Green Table, an international festival born to tell in various ways the relationship between architecture and the planet. Seed is the new name given to the festival to emphasize its nature as a cultural trigger. Seed alludes to the seed, to the possible germination of new practices inspired by high-level international speakers.

Seed was held for the first time at the end of April 2023 and on that occasion, we worked on the new identity project of the Festival along with the darker and more hidden work on co-curation and content design. In this case, visual language arises as an enabling tool. It's not just about recognizability; the expectations of those involved in architecture and sustainability are high and demand unique and authentic notations and signs.

Beyond the common discourse on sustainability and construction, often made up of clichés, the identity project in this case had the task of bringing out the different angles proposed by the many speakers involved. The project, therefore, represents a textuality that allows readings of complex contents, involves different semantics, textual, symbolic, metaphorical, typographic, and facilitates the creation of a community of meaning around complex contents.

Seed's identity required a multidisciplinary design approach, a visual architecture capable of covering different channels, and an ability to evolve and grow by virtue of the many contents and angles offered by the event. In particular, having to borrow different contents from each other, we had to work on the concept of "semantic rooms", semantic containers capable of coexisting typical returns of information design and relationships of a critical and literary nature.

Seed is indeed a scenario festival that offers the public levers on which to build their own content package, not prepackaged information but a set table of ingredients to combine according to their knowledge expectations. Our studio took care of every phase of the project, from the elaboration of the general strategy and content, to design management, to visual design in all its variations, to the production of static and dynamic formats, to the coordination and direction of events and conferences.