SimesIP System


To Simes light is the fourth dimension of architecture, whose shapes are underlined by redefining the space and unveiling all its beauty. This is the vision behind 2022 IP System, the first outdoor lighting system merging the sign of the linear light to the accents of the punctual one. Product design and engineering are now evolved, connecting the indoor and outdoor of the architectural space, in perfect continuity. Our task was to create the proper system to communicate the philosophical and technical project behind the brand’s work, developing a unique innovation, an actual design tool for architects, interior designers and light designers.


We all have a relationship with light. We all have an outside and an inside, where lights and shadows live; the first can save us from missteps, from the mediocrity and the illusions of a darkness that is always ready to wrap us up. We understood that the codes of the artistic language, with their humanity, would lead us to a visual literature incarnating and expressing the healing and comforting powers of light. Writing, drawing, painting on the space, together with the shapes of IP System, are the conclusive elements of Wassily Kansinsky’s book “Point and Line to Plane”; a work that guided Kandinsky’s training activity, in which he taught how to listen to the shapes: « immerse yourself in this phenomenon, actively act in it and experience this pulsation in its entirety.»A support to the task of communication design, the ideal conceptual territory where to describe a system that can write and paint on the space with light.


Writing and painting on the space with light, through the setting of plugins, moving like dots on a common line (track) and communicating with the surface.
Our task was to create a visual language representing light’s innate power to influence our living, creating a dialogue between the inside and outside of architecture.
Light as a form of expression and communication that, while connecting the spaces, also takes care of the people living them; we could make this relationship of light and people more intimate, through a writing system.
We travelled across the existing alphabets, until we reached a code that, while writing and painting on the space, also communicated with people.


This is how a narrative content was born, a way to discover a new typographic alphabet, used as an interactive tool between the brand and the people. A highly innovative product -writing and painting on the space with light- needed to have its own letters and signs, creating a surprisingly rich communicative system.In this space -born to introduce an innovation expanding the theme of light so much that it touches different areas of living- we can also discover S-Mag, a magazine investigating the technical and philosophical themes around lighting design. It is a chance to understand better IP System’s potential, with the contribution of experts from the worlds of art, architecture and research.IP Code is the writing system of IP System that you can experience at the fair’s stand and that, in the next few months, will come to life through the development of a dedicated app.