Umbria Jazz 202350th AnniversaryArena Santa Giuliana

One Natural GeniusPrint Book2020

Happy Birthday UJ.How to translate 50 years of jazz history?How to translate artistic improvisation into an animated identity system with a high visual impact?It all stems from the work of David Tremlett, a visual artist known for his site-specific wall-drawings who signed the UJ 2023 poster with the work 'Jazz Cascade'a visual multicolor pentagram. This chromatic cascade became the basis for a dynamic grid capable of interpreting a unique spirit born in New Orleans at the beginning of the last century.A visual melody to be heard with one's own eyes while waiting for the artists on the main stage.

Design:Bcpt Associati-Art Direction:Marco Tortoioli RicciFrancesco Gubbiotti-Motion design:Samuele GrandoAlberto Maria Notarianni-Audio/Visual:Audiolux-Project manager:Valentina SpasaroSimona ZaccaroAlbe Beni-Set-up:Totem Group-Stage Manager:Stefano LazzariAlessandro Scalamonti

Promoters:Fondazione di Partecipazione Umbria Jazz 

Numbers matter. We designed a dynamic custom type to support the visual cascade.