Website e Video interviewsConnesi2021

The new Connesi website is the main gateway to the company services in the connectivity market. We designed an environment in which visual and textual languages contribute to create a new user experience. On the basis of user journeys defined by expectations and needs of different user-types we developed a website that puts Connesi at the centre of a constantly evolving market, affirming is difference and uniqueness from the national

We chose to tell the identity and uniqueness of Connesi through the voice of some of its most representative partners and clients, bringing out the constellation of services that the company can offer with great responsiveness and adaptability, making it the ideal partner in the crowded market of connectivity. We, therefore, studied a video format, designing the tone and rhythm of its communication, motion graphics and sound design to represent, in time, the different spheres and peculiarities at the basis of the valuable collaborations Connesi carries out with its clients.

Connesi & Lube

Connesi & Listone Giordano

Connesi & Comune di Recanati

Connesi & Eko

Connesi & Festival dei 2 Mondi


The 2022 calendar we designed for Connesi is an instrument with multiple functions: it collects the testimonies of the company's best customers -about the positive effects of their collaboration- and, furthermore, it introduces new elements related to the coding field in the visual language defining the brand identity, recalling the digital coding and decoding process carried out by the optical fiber to transfer contents. This double level of meaning was obtained by representing the photographic portraits of the customers/testimonials with a particular processing technique, by which the images were reconstructed using the text of the testimonies in a dynamical way.